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I was told after being seen on Monday that if my eyes continued to get worse(eye infection) call on Wednesday. I called, the doctor was not in that afternoon but I could drive 1+hours to Woodstock. I was unable to do that with my eyes on the condition they were in. I was told they would call in a prescription. Three calls & three assurances the Rx was marked urgent & be called in shortly. At seven that night pharmacy closed, no Rx was ever called in. I had to go to an urgent care that evening & was given antibiotic drops.

The office called the next day, they took no responsibility & did not apologize. They said "I'm not sure who you talked to but we didn't tell you that"

Three calls...really???! Who is answering your phones and misrepresenting your care?

Unprofessional & unreliable.

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Woodstock, Georgia, United States #837682

don't go to Thomas I group they are horrible. I set an appointment for my son for eyeglasses they added a contact exam charge me for both when I told him I didn't want the contacts that's why we only made an eyeglass examine they said to bad you still have top pay for it.

They are rude!

When I told them we would probably never come back they responded with we don't care. WOW.

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